Types and terms

Trail Riding

Your horse stays at a different venue each night and the riders generally do too but this can vary depending on the route taken. This is a great way to get to know your horse and feel the accomplishment of completing a journey. You may need to check how many hours you will be in the saddle as "all day" can vary from 4 - 10 hours plus! These are relatively expensive because of the back-up required by any reputable organisation and planning has to be very efficient.


All day Rides

As mentioned above this can vary. Also if you spend a long time in a pub at lunch time this can cut down the riding hours.


"Down Time"

This is what I call "non-riding/non-looking after horse" time. Or you could say it's the time you have to entertain yourself. As I have a very low boredom threshold this is very important to me! If you are a telly-addict you may need to take books or games. Often you can spend time helping to groom horses but everyone has their own rules about this. I even found one place (now closed) that charged you extra if you didn't look after your own horse! In hot countries you often ride out early in the morning or late into the evening so have a great deal of the day to yourself.